What is Siites?

Siites helps people share all their sites (YouTube channel, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn profile, Spotify page, Soundcloud, Airbnb room, Amazon store, GitHub profile, Discord... More than 60 services).


Each profile, also called a Siites, displays a picture profile, a featured video, a bio and of course all links that belong to the user (websites, social medias, profiles, blogs, stores, wikis... All links are customizable).


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Who can create an account on Siites?

Everyone, without exception!

Basically, if you have a profile on several platforms (such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Etsy, Spotify...), we want you to register at Siites.


Easy to use. No ads. No authentication from other apps needed (Instagram, Facebook connect, Spotify...). And yes, 100% free!


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How can Siites be useful for me?

Here are 3 examples

• As your website:

Admittedly, people rarely need their own dedicated website. In most cases, platforms (YouTube, Amazon, Airbnb, Soundcloud...) do the same job or better.

— "If only there was a way to list and link all these platforms from one central location..."

— "Well, now there is, goddamnit!" ;)


• For emailing:

How many times have you sent email and asked yourself: "What links should I send?"

Why not share all of your sites at once? Your Siites includes all your links (websites, social medias, pages, profiles, blogs, wikis...).


• For Instagram:

Unfortunately only 1 URL can be added to an Instagram profile.

By adding your Siites URL to your Instagram, all your sites and online profiles will be easily accessible to your community.

What does "Get Verified" mean?

To avoid identity theft and fake profiles, we allow users to become verified.


After verification by the Siites team, all verified users receive a verified badge check_circle that appears next to their name on their profile and when searched.

It also helps visitors to know that an account is the authentic to that user.


check_circle Get Verified

What is the difference between username and display name?

• Username is unique to you and appears in your URL "siites.com/example".

Important: usernames can't be changed, so choose it carefully!


• Your display name can be changed at any time on your dashboard.

How can I change my username?

As we said above, usernames can't be changed. So if you really have to change it, you will have to delete your actual account and create a new one.

Are there requirements for my username?

2 to 30 characters, only alphanumeric characters (letters a-z and numbers 0-9).

No symbols, no accents, no spaces, no dashes, no underscores (hereisanexample).

Good to know:

• If the username you want is already taken, you unfortunately have to choose another one (First come, first served!).

You also can report a profile if your identity is being used falsely.

• If the username you want meets our requirements and is not already taken, but it's still showing as unavailable, it's probably because you are using a restricted word (such as privacy, official, news, blog, about, share, feed…). Sorry about that, but unfortunately you have to choose another username.

Are there requirements for my display name?

Must be 45 characters or less.

Good to know:

Display names longer than 10 characters cannot be written in all caps.

We created this rule because LONGASSCAPITALIZEDNAMES are impossible to display on all our products.

Thanks for your understanding.

How can I change my password?

Please click the link below.

You will receive a link to create a new password via email.


lock Get new password

How can I report a profile?

Thanks for helping us!

You can report anything that doesn't follow our terms by clicking "Report this profile flag" in the menu more_vert of every profile.

What is the difference between email and public email?

• "Email" (the 2nd field on your dashboard) is your main Siites profile email.

It can be used to login or to reset your password. This is also our primary contact for you.

Your email is private and can be changed at any time on your dashboard.


• "Public email" is displayed on your profile and gives visitors a way to contact you.

Public email is optional.

Sites are missing, can I add more fields?

If you think a site deserves to be added to our default list, we want your feedback.


email Contact the support

Is there a Siites app?

No, but good news, Siites is fully optimized and functional on mobile (including your dashboard).

touch_app Get the icon:

If you want the Siites icon on your mobile (iOS and Android) to quickly access your dashboard:

  1. Open your mobile browser.
  2. Go to siites.com / Any page (homepage, dashboard, profile...)
  3. Tap on the browser options, then "Add to Home Screen".

Is Siites available in other languages?

Sorry but right now, Siites is only available in English.

Can I make suggestions?

Of course, we favorite feedback!


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