Brand Guidelines - How to use our brand in the right way.

Main color

HEX: #3F51B5
RGB: 63, 81, 181

Siites icon - SVG Path

The best way to get the official Siites icon.

Paste this code in the HTML of your site.

<svg viewBox="0 0 512 512" xmlns=""><circle fill="currentcolor" cx="58" cy="166" r="58" /><path fill="currentcolor" d="M177 116 h335 v100 H177z" /><circle fill="currentcolor" cx="58" cy="344" r="58" /><path fill="currentcolor" d="M177 294 h335 v100 H177z" /></svg>

Siites logos and Icons - PNG files

Right click "Save Picture As..." to download.

Black logo (4482×1500px):

Siites logo black

White logo (4482×1500px):

Siites logo white

Black word mark (2662×902px):

Siites word mark black

White word mark (2662×902px):

Siites word mark white

Black icon (1500×1500px):

Siites icon black

White icon (1500×1500px):

Siites icon white